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Comprehensive Content Management

Change text, add pictures, make links.

Add new pages, upload documents.

Insert new functions (search, blog, etc).

180 days history of changes with “revert”.

Integration with Google Analytics.

Complete SEO management

Find your Niche - keyword research and web-page optimisation.

Promote your site - Search Engine submission, link partner management, PPC control.

Report and Improve - Page Rank, Search Engine success, and more.

Learn - comprehensive online training course.

What does it cost?

All of the above for just £10 or $16 per month.

Try our free-trial and if you like it - subscribe.

What is required?

Our simple CMS works from your browser with Preview and Instant Publication.  The SEO package downloads to your PC and is free and yours to keep.

If you can use “Word” you can use our editor. We provide video training for ALL main features and a comprehensive USER MANUAL.

Simple CMS

Edit your existing website pages

in your Browser


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