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The free tools you will find in our CMSeo package

Keyword Suggestion Search our database for related keywords, put them through detailed competitiveness analysis and pick out the best choices for your site.

Optimisation Advice and Environment Get a clear, detailed and exact advice on how to tweak a web page for your keyword then apply this advice using our web-page editor.

Search Engine Submission Auto-submit the optimised pages to major search engines around the world. Also, facilitate manual submissions through a friendly interface.

Ranking Check Get comprehensive ranking reports for multiple engines and keywords. Collect ranking history and build trends. Industry safest human emulation techniques ensure you will not be banned by the search engines for automated queries.

Link Popularity Analysis Analyse how many links you get from other sites and how good these links are for your rankings. Research your competition and top sites and spy on their linking strategy.

Traffic Analysis With our link to Google Analytics you can collect accurate statistics of referring keywords and engines, ad campaigns, visitors and their navigation, popular pages etc. - manage and improve your web marketing activities.

Partner Finder Powerful tool that helps look for potential link exchange partners, evaluate their websites and manage your correspondence with the website owners.

PPC Campaigns Manager A tool that allows you to take control of your paid search campaigns: register new accounts with the PPC search engines, and easily manage existing ones.

SEO is a science, not a black art.

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How to Get Pulled
PowerPoint presentation

Download our presentation on how to make your website Findable

Fun History of Search Engines

A fun and informative chart showing a potted history of Search Engines.

User Guide to our SEO software

Download our Quick Start guide to using CMSeo - our FREE SEO management package.
No ads, no spyware, no forms or screens, no credit cards, no time limits. Use it as long as you need - we will not pester you to upgrade, plus get a free training course in search engine marketing!