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Edit your own web pages - on your existing website

If you can use WORD, you can use our simple CMS - Content Management System

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Thank you for requesting our free trial offer.

You will be asked to verify your email address.

In order to avoid spam, we always ask to verify email addresses.

Please reply to the verification email.

Then we will set-up your trial within 24 hours.

For the Free Trial we set up a COPY of your whole site and you will be able to use all CMSmadeeasy features, but only on a limited number of your pages.

If you are trying to do something specific to your site, let us know and we’ll try and help during the trial period.

The full subscription to CMSmadeeasy is $16 per month (no minimum period) and for larger or more complex sites we may ask for a small set-up fee.

Enjoy our editor and thanks again for your interest!

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If you need help enhancing your site - just ask us and we’ll try and help.

We can help you add the following:

- Site Search function

- Newsletter service

- Blogs

- Forms

- Animations and Galleries

- Google Analytics

... And more!