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Call Blocking Device

Operating Requirements

You must subscribe to a caller ID service from your phone line provider. Caller ID is facility that identifies and displays the telephone numbers of incoming calls.


Powered by the phone line, no plugs or batteries required.

Non-Volatile Memory (NVM). Apart from the date and time (which changes using power), NVM allows all settings and blocked numbers to be saved when the call blocker is not powered.

Product Specifics

One-Touch call blocking

Block up to 1200 numbers from calling you

Block calls from anonymous & withheld numbers

Block up to 10 dialling codes (e.g all calls starting with 08)

Block up to 100 outgoing calls (e.g Premium Rate calls)

Shows the last 100 calls received

Shows the last 50 calls made

Powered by the phone line so no plugs or batteries required

1 Year Warranty

100mm (l) x 110mm (w) x 50mm (d)

Product Details

The Nuisance Call Blocker will put an end to unwanted nuisance calls such as sales calls, silent calls, recorded message calls, calls from overseas call centres and offensive or threatening calls. At a touch of a button you can block callers and decide who can and can’t call you.

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the Nuisance Call Blocker is simple and straightforward to set up. Simply plug your home phone into the Nuisance Call Blocker and then plug the Nuisance Call Blocker into your standard BT socket. The Nuisance Call Blocker is powered by your phone line so there is no need for batteries or to plug the Nuisance Call Blocker into the mains. The Nuisance Call Blocker will work on any home phone line, even with additional handsets and broadband and can be wall mounted or left free standing.

Call Control

The Nuisance Call Blocker will only work if you subscribe to a Caller Display Service from your phone line provider.

When your phone rings, the Nuisance Call Blocker shows you the number of the person calling. If you recognise the number as a nuisance caller, you can block them without even having to answer your phone by pressing the “Blacklist” button. Or, you can answer the call to see who it is. If it’s someone you don’t want to speak to and you don’t want them to call you again, you can block their number while you’re on the phone.The call is disconnected and their number is stored in the Nuisance Call Blocker’s memory and permanently blocked.

If you already have a list of telephone numbers that you want to block, you can use your home phone to save these numbers to the Nuisance Call Blocker

If you’ve blocked a number and they try calling you, the call doesn’t connect and your phone doesn’t ring. Don’t worry if you block a number by mistake, you can easily unblock a number.

The Nuisance Call Blocker also shows you the last 100 calls received and the last 50 calls made. You can scroll through the list and block numbers from calling you again by pressing the “Blacklist” button.

Some callers withhold their number so you can’t tell who’s calling you. With Call Saint, you have the option to block callers who withhold their number. If you turn this feature on, any caller who hides their number won’t be able to get through to you.

The Nuisance Call Blocker also lets you block up to 10 dialling codes from calling you. For example, you might not want any calls from a particular city, (London, 020, Birmingham, 0121, etc…) or any calls starting with 08 or 03.

Not only can you block incoming calls, the Nuisance Call Blocker also lets you block up to 100 outgoing calls. This is often used to stop calls to mobiles or premium rate numbers.

The Nuisance Call Blocker can be set up to be PIN protected to stop anyone from changing your settings. The Nuisance Call Blocker puts you in control of your phone calls.

Please Note: In order to use the Nuisance Call Blocker, you must be subscribed to a Caller Display Service from your phone line provider. Although most providers offer Caller Display free of charge, please check as charges may apply.

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