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Proposition for IIB members

CMS made easy is very pleased to welcome any IIB member as either a user or a referrer of our service. We detail below the benefits to you as an IIB member.

Your own Website: You may have a website yourself which you would like to be able to edit from time to time, maybe adding a newsletter page or documents for your customer to download. We can offer you CMSme standard set-up at a 50% discounted rate of £75 + VAT and 10% discount against any additional services you may require (see additional services).

Referrals: We are of course very happy to receive your referrals. For successful introductions we pay a flat fee of £50, plus 10% of any additional services over and above standard set-up.

To qualify for the referral fee, please inform CMSme either by email or use the form on this page before CMSme has any contact with the company or individual. If the company takes up the service, CMSme will inform you and you will then invoice CMSme.  This invoice will be paid within 7 days after the customer pays CMSme in full for the set-up charges.

IIB Members

IIB Contact

Solve a very common SME problem.

Your website set-up at 50% off.

Generous referral fee.


Search Engine Optimisation

Are you confused by all the things you hear about SEO?  Do you wish you knew some real facts?

The truth is, SEO is a achieved by a series of logical and obvious steps - see our Beginners Guide to SEO.

Download our SEO management programme, watch the videos and look at the FREE online course.

At the very least you will be able to engage an SEO specialist with confidence - at best you will be able to do it yourself!

Download our programme.  The free version will take you a long way towards Google Page 1.  

More details.