Edit Text   next>

Point to a block of text you want to edit and start typing!

CMSmadeeasy automatically assumes the format of the surrounding text (colour, font, size) so your pages retain their consistency.

Our WORD-like editor allows you to use all the familiar features.

Edit Images   next>

Change images and upload new images from your PC; edit online with our powerful editor.

Manage multi-media   next>

Upload videos (most formats) and link to YouTube.

New Pages   next>

Add new pages to your site by copying and existing page, edit it to suit and link it in.

SEO Properties   next>

You can change all the on-page meta tags for SEO, including <title>, <description>, <keywords>, <alt> and <H1 to 6>.

Site History   next>

We keep a 90 day history of all your page changes so you can VIEW or REVERT to an earlier edition.

We record the name of the editor and the date last changed.  You can VIEW or REVERT to a previous page.

Manage Files and Folders   next>

View and manage the Files and Folders on your site, upload new files from your PC (eg PDF, DOC, IMAGES, etc.)

Google Analytics   next>

See how many visitors you get, their source, their journey through your site and a lot more.

Other Features   next>

- Define and manipulate tables
- Create and change links
- Restrict your editors to specific pages
- Allow access to HTML code blocks
- Insert special characters ™ © ®